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Welcome to the new nebpreps.com. If you love prep sports in Nebraska as much as our team, we are glad you’re here.

As time and technology change our daily lives, the way we consume content and coverage of the things that are important to us changes as well. Like us, you’ve been at games sorting through the #nebpreps feed trying to find a score only to have to sort through stuff you don’t need.

We are here to change the way you interact with your favorite high school sports and teams. From now on nebpreps is not just a hashtag anymore.

But, what exactly is this new venture? Here is what you can expect to see when you come on this journey with us.

GameDay: Our GameDay page will give you the best game day coverage in Nebraska. We will have live scoreboards, in browser Twitter feeds and more that will do the work for you. It’s our hope you won’t go anywhere else on a Friday night. Then, come back for game reports and recaps of your favorite teams.

Believers. We will scour the state for the best stories of kids doing great things on the field or court and making a difference in their community. And, we’ll share them in a new and unique way using social media to bring them right to you.

Achievers. Those same students will have standout performances week in and week out. We’ll do our best to bring them to you and, again, share them with you in a new and exciting format.

Next Level. What happens when our favorite players leave for college? We think the lessons they learned in high school and playing sports will stay with them forever. We’ll catch up with some names you may remember and find out what being on a high school team meant to them. 

Hometown. We know that every town and every school in Nebraska shares their own unique culture and traditions. We want to know what they are. Where is the best place to grab some pizza before or after a big game? Is there a special guy on the sideline keeping tackles or running a chain gang? A super fan? A special relationship between players and fans? The best student section. We want to know all of your “hometown” stories and share them with other Nebraska prep fans.

At their core, we know high school sports and activities are the best way to learn life’s lessons. Along the way, the stories that they bring out are worth being shared with all of us.

That’s what we hope nebpreps is for you. We can’t wait to interact with you and share your school’s and your town’s story. Follow us if you wish. After all, you are the reason we want to make the nebpreps story even better.

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