One of the two shot clocks used at Baxter Arena for the 2021 Metro Holiday Tournament.
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Shot Clock A Go In Nebraska For 2022-23


A generally under the radar NSAA Board of Directors meeting during the state basketball tournament had a rather large outcome. 

Wednesday, the board voted  5 – 3 to approve a shot clock for Class A schools only on a permission to pilot basis in the 2022-23 season. The members that voted for were from District I, II and IV. District members from III, V and VI voted no. 

It is a turn of events from the January 11 and 12 District Meetings where only two of the NSAA’s six Districts voted in favor of implementing the Class A only shot clock proposal. 

Two changes were made to the proposal that the board deemed acceptable. Those changes were:

  1. Class B schools that visit Class A schools can choose to play with the shot clock should they wish.
  2. The Class A schools that may or may not have the clocks installed prior to the season would not play with them on the home or road due to lack of equipment.

The National Federation of State High School Associations gave its blessing to the state associations for adoption of a 35-second shot clock beginning in the 2022-23 season. 

In November, District II, primarily made up of Omaha schools, voted in favor of the Class A-only proposal. In January, it was then brought to all six districts for a vote from the membership. 

The Class A-only proposal was first approved by the Class A Caucus in July. The Caucus, 23 A.D.s voted in favor of a shot clock with two opposed. The proposal was then sent to the Nebraska Schools Activities Association’s Classification Review Committee in October where it was voted down due to the fact it would increase costs to schools. 

Among the Classification Review Committee’s objectives was to consider financial implications, increased cost to the NSAA, increased travel for participating schools and if the proposal would decrease a student’s or coaches instruction time. The financial implication was the sticking point for the committee. For example, not all schools have purchased the equipment required to add a shot clock.

With the change to the proposal the cost is no longer an issue. 

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