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NebPreps reports on high school sports throughout Nebraska. Our comprehensive coverage includes scores, schedules, interviews, recruiting news, and much more. Follow your favorite high school sports like football, girls’ and boys’ basketball, baseball, volleyball, wrestling, cross country, and softball. Or search our news archive by hometown, school, student, or event.

Founded in 2018, NebPreps helps high school sports enthusiasts in Nebraska access accurate news coverage without scouring the #NebPreps hashtag on Twitter. We’ve expanded our staff and content since then, but we still strive to be your trusted source for high school sports news in Nebraska.

NebPreps Journalists

Our dedicated sports reporters provide year-round coverage of Nebraska high school athletics, led by Mike Sautter.

Mike Sautter

Mike Sautter

Mike Sautter

Mike Sautter has served as the Director of Sports, Digital Content, and Advertising for NebPreps since 2020. He also writes about everything related to high-school sports: team rankings, game summaries, practice reports, interviews with coaches and students, behind-the-scenes looks at NSAA, and more.

Sautter’s passion for reporting on Nebraska high school sports began with just one game in 2009. He helped his brother, a college basketball coach, scout an Omaha Central player. After becoming invested in the team’s success, he mentored one of the players and watched them win four straight titles. Sautter was inspired to help more talented Nebraska kids get noticed and recruited with in-depth, personal media coverage of their athletic careers from high school onwards.

Sautter’s professional reporting career officially began when he founded NebraskaHSSports, LLC in 2012. While still maintaining a full-time job, he single-handedly published recruiting news, game coverage, and player information in his spare time. Plus, Sautter was the first person to live tweet high school basketball and football games in Nebraska under Twitter handles, NebraskaHSHoops and NebraskaHSFootball.

Sautter then served as a Prep Recruiting Specialist at The Omaha World-Herald from 2017 to 2020. He wrote articles and created video content with his expertise in student athletes’ and coaches’ recruitment strategies.

You can find more sports journalism from Sautter across the web. Listen to his podcast “The Engineering Culture” or join his dedicated following of NebPreps enthusiasts keeping up with sports news and live game coverage on Twitter.

Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman is an accomplished author and a true high school sports enthusiast. He grew up in gyms and football fields across the state of Nebraska, thanks to his father and grandfather, who were both Nebraska high school coaches. Their legacy played a significant role in shaping Chapman’s passion for sports. This passion has remained unwavering throughout his life and career, and he continues to channel it into his work as a writer and journalist for NebPreps.

He started his writing career at the Clay County News in Sutton, Nebraska, and has been writing as a side hustle while working in the banking and finance world since 1999.

Today, Chapman is an integral part of the NebPreps team, where he covers high school athletics like football, basketball, and much more. His writing reflects his appreciation for the impact that sports can have on young athletes lives. Whether a team wins or loses, Chapman’s focus remains on the valuable lessons that can be learned from the experience.

Chapman’s experiences have helped him to value the importance of teamwork, resilience, and dedication, qualities that he believes are fundamental to success, both on and off the field. He is a devoted family man and is happily married to Kerry Chapman, with whom he has three daughters, Addison, Olivia, and Ella.

The Hurrdat Sports Network

NebPreps joined Hurrdat Sports in 2022. In partnering with Hurrdat Sports’ parent company, Hurrdat, we can keep growing and improving our coverage of Nebraska high school sports.

The Hurrdat Sports network now provides fans comprehensive coverage of their favorite athletes all the way from high school to university.

Hurrdat Sports has dedicated journalists, broadcasters, and digital content creators covering Nebraska sports in at UNO, Creighton, and Nebraska at large. Check out over 30 Hurrdat Sports podcasts with a range of talent and topics.

Hail Varsity offers insider stories on University of Nebraska sports news, rosters, schedules, and staff. Read their stories online or subscribe to monthly collectible magazines covering the Huskers. UNL fans can check out Hail Varsity’s Husker sports podcasts or video coverage of official interviews and announcements.


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