Returning Champions Highlight NSAA Boys and Girls Cross Country Field


KEARNEY – Near perfect weather conditions should greet the best cross country runners in the state at the Kearney Country Club on Friday afternoon.

With the weather forecast calling for sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 60s, the 2018 NSAA Boys and Girls Cross Country State Championships should be an ideal setting for some standout times.

Here are the start times for each of the races tomorrow.

Class D girls – Noon
Class B girls – 12:30 p.m.
Class D boys – 1 p.m.
Class B boys – 1:30 p.m.
Class C girls – 2 p.m.
Class A girls – 2:30 p.m.
Class C boys – 3 p.m.
Class A boys – 3:30 p.m.

In the Class A boys race, Ethan Goldner of Omaha Westside is the top returning medalist from last year after finishing fourth. He had the fifth-fastest time among all Class A runners in district competition this fall. Jose Gonzales of Fremont returns after finishing sixth last year and Mason McDonald of Millard West was 10tha year ago.

In both of the Class C races, the defending state champion is back. Taya Skelton of Fort Calhoun is a three-time champion in Class C and will be trying to become the fourth runner ever to capture four state titles. Aidan Wheelock of Minden has won the last two Class C state championships and he is looking to become just the fifth boy to win three state championships.

In Class D, Ainsworth junior Rylee Rice is the two-time defending champion and is looking to keep herself on pace to potentially win the individual title in each of her four years.

Below is a look at the teams that have qualified along with the top 10 district times in each class as well as a look at all the returning state medalists.

Class A Boys
Team Qualifiers

Creighton Prep, Lincoln North Star, Elkhorn South, Omaha Central, Gretna, Grand Island, Fremont, Papillion-LaVista South, Kearney, Millard West, Lincoln Southwest, Lincoln East.

10 Fastest District Times

Wesley Ferguson, Fremont, 16:10.71.
Jose Gonzalez, Fremont, 16:11.22.
Nagmeldin Abdalla, Omaha Bryan, 16:16.19.
Liem Chot, Lincoln North Star, 16:18.53.
Ethan Goldner, Omaha Westside, 16:20.25.
Tyler Boyle, Lincoln Southwest, 16:24.04.
Joshua Sutton, Kearney, 16:26.36.
Dillon McNeill, Papillion-La Vista South, 16:29.24.
Jackson McFadden, Kearney, 16:29.84.
Nicholas Pollett, Papillion-La Vista South, 16:30.40.

Class A Girls
Team Qualifiers

Fremont, Kearney, Elkhorn South, Lincoln East, Lincoln Southwest, Gretna, Papillion-La Vista South, Millard South, Omaha Westside, Millard North, Millard West, Omaha Central.

10 Fastest District Times

Anna Jennings, Papillion-La Vista South, 18:29.90.
Kaylie Crews, Papillion-La Vista South, 18:29.98.
Elli Dahl, Fremont, 18:34.67.
Ally Schilmoeller, Elkhorn South, 19:08.93.
Jenna Muma, Lincoln East, 19:09.10.
Lorelei Hayden, Millard South, 19:20.77.
Hannah Godwin, Kearney, 19:21.53.
Hannah Denson, Millard South 19:27.17.
Hannah Ray, Lincoln Northeast, 19:30.95.
Allison Louthan, Millard North, 19:31.23.

Class B Boys
Team Qualifiers

Omaha Skutt Catholic, Plattsmouth, Ralston, Elkhorn, Blair, Mount Michael Benedictine, Aurora, Lincoln Pius X, Columbus, Hastings, Lexington, Gering.

10 Fastest District Times

Alexis Hernandez, Lexington, 16:16.3.
Samuel Lueders, Blair, 16:22.00.
Logan Moravec, Gering, 16:25.1.
Zachary Van Brocklin, Norris, 16:41.29.
Yanni Vasquez-Garcia, Lexington, 16:41.9.
Peyton Seiler, Gering, 16:43.9.
Ryan Zavadil, Omaha Skutt Catholic, 16:44.52.
Zekariya Abdela, South Sioux City, 16:48.84.
Gavin Skorupa, Lincoln Pius X, 16:51.53.
Jaydon Welsh, Hastings, 16:54.3.

Class B Girls
Team Qualifiers

Omaha Skutt Catholic, Ralston, Platteview, Elkhorn, Blair, Omaha Duchesne Academy, Lincoln Pius X, Norris, Aurora, Lexington, Hastings, North Platte.

10 Fastest District Times

Brooke Holzworth, Scottsbluff, 19:19.6
Madison Smith, Lexington, 19:28.8.
Chelsey Espinosa, Hastings, 19:32.4.
Elizabeth Kramer, Lincoln Pius X, 19:42.13.
Elsianna Rodewald, McCook, 19:46.5.
Kayla Barrios, Lexington, 19:59.9.
Maya Nachtigal, Aurora, 20:03.10
Kennadi Ureste, Lexington, 20:10.1
Laura Martin, Lincoln Pius X 20:13.16.
Tukker Romey, Gering, 20:14.8.

Class C Boys
Team Qualifiers

Douglas County West, Auburn, Fort Calhoun, Columbus Scotus, Boone Central/Newman Grove, St. Paul, Lincoln Christian, Milford, Wahoo, Sidney, Holdrege, Mitchell.

10 Fastest District Times

Mason Sindelar, Pierce, 15:59.
Collin Brauer, Sidney, 16:22.8.
Aidan Wheelock, Minden, 16:38.94.
Jonathan Lindgren, Boone Central/Newman Grove, 16:42.
Elliott Thomazin, Columbus Scotus, 16:44.
Jeffrey Moody, St. Paul, 16:47.
Tyler Peterson, Holdrege, 16:47.1
Bradley Schindel, Boone Central/Newman Grove, 16:57.
Gabriel Estrada, Cozad, 17:06.5.
Caden Erickson, Holdrege, 17:07.3.

Class C Girls
Team Qualifiers

Fort Calhoun, Conestoga, Auburn, Columbus Scotus, Boone Central/Newman Grove, O’Neill, Lincoln Christian, Kearney Catholic, Milford, Holdrege, Ogallala, Mitchell.

10 Fastest District Times

Jordan Soto-Stopak, Boone Central/Newman Grove, 18:53.
Alexus Sindelar, Pierce, 19:17.
Lucia McKeag, Ogallala, 19:23.2.
Mackenzie Butts, Chadron, 19:34.9.
Olivia Fehringer, Columbus Scotus, 19:49.
Sydney Reed, Holdrege, 19:52.8.
Regan Hodsden, Mitchell, 20:02.4
Samantha Weeder, Boone Central/Newman Grove, 20:07.
Kenzie Hurlbert, Holdrege, 20:07.1.
Kelsey Faust, Columbus Scotus, 20:09.

Class D Boys
Team Qualifiers

Malcolm, Aquinas Catholic, Tri County, Cornerstone Christian, Wisner-Pilger, Logan View, Ainsworth, Norfolk Catholic, West Holt, Shelton, Thayer Central, Doniphan-Trumbull, Gibbon, Axtell, Ravenna, Perkins County, Chase County, Bridgeport.

10 Fastest District Times

Benjamin Arens, Ainsworth, 16:04.00.
Nathan Holcomb, Gibbon, 16:54.1.
Creighton Niemeyer, Tri County, 17:05.91.
Kaleb Pickel, Gibbon, 17:08.2.
Caden Waitley, Perkins County, 17:12.00.
Colby Karr, Red Cloud/Blue Hill, 17:12.11.
Devyn Beekman, Malcolm, 17:14.79.
Treyvin Schlueter, Ainsworth, 17:19.00.
Rylan Cheney, Shelton, 17:21.01.
Noah Twohig, Malcolm, 17:23.10.

Class D Girls
Team Qualifiers

McCool Junction, Malcolm, Tri County, Logan View, Pender, Humphrey St. Francis, Ainsworth, Bloomfield, West Holt, Thayer Central, Hastings St. Cecilia, Doniphan-Trumbull, North Platte St. Patrick’s, Gibbon, Ravenna, Chase County, Bayard, Bridgeport.

10 Fastest District Times

Paige Steinman, Pender, 19:44.45.
Kelsey Folchert, North Platte St. Patrick’s, 19:55.8.
Rylee Rice, Ainsworth, 19:58.48.
Ashlei McDonald, Johnson County Central, 20:01.09.
Tahjzha Botts, Maxwell, 20:21.5
Madison Gerken, McCool Junction, 20:27.09.
Logan Thomas, Malcolm, 20:31.40.
Alexandria Frasher, Aquinas Catholic, 20:40.47.
Andie Koch, Tri County, 20:41.62.
Jade Rickard, Plainview , 20:42.50.

Returning State Meet Medalists
Class A Girls

Abigail Schmidt, Lincoln East (11), 2/A/17, 7/A/16
Abby Heffner, Millard West (12), 5/A/17, 5/A/16
Jenna Muma, Lincoln East (10), 3/A/17
Kaylie Crews, Papillion-La Vista South (10), 7/A/17
Lindsey Blehm, Lincoln Southwest (11), 8/A/17
Allison Louthan, Millard North (10), 9/A/17
Lauren Wilwerding, Millard West (12), 10/A/17
Taryn Robinson, Papillion-La Visa South (12), 11/A/17
Hannah Godwin, Kearney (10), 12/A/17
Kate Dilsaver, Lincoln Southwest (10), 13/A/17
Katherine McNulty, Millard West (11), 14/A/17
Lilia Alvarez, Omaha South (12), 15/A/17
Ally Schilmoeller, Elkhorn South (11), 3/B/17
Anna Jennings, Papillion-La Vista South (11), 2/A/16
Madison Muma, Lincoln East (12), 9/A/16
Chloe Heller, Lincoln Southeast (11), 11/A/16
Lorelei Hayden, Millard South (11), 12/A/16
Hannah Ray, Lincoln Northeast (11), 15/A/16

Class A Boys

Jose Gonzalez, Fremont (12), 6/A/17, 3/A/16
Ethan Goldner, Omaha Westside (12), 4/A/17, 13/A/16
Mason McDonald, Millard West (12), 10/A/17

Class B Girls

Elizabeth Kramer, Lincoln Pius X (11), 4/A/17
Tukker Romey, Gering (11), 5/B/17, 5/B/16
Maya Nachtigal, Aurora (12), 8/B/17, 15/B/16
Madison Smith, Lexington (11), 6/B/17
Samantha Palermo, Norris (11), 7/B/17
Kyla Carlson, Aurora (11), 10/B/17
Madison Douglas, Hastings (12), 12/B/17
Madeline Yardley, Elkhorn (10), 13/B/17
Brooke Holzworth, Scottsbluff (10), 14/B/17
Chelsey Espinosa, Hastings (10), 15/B/17
Laura Martin, Lincoln Pius X (11), 10/A/16
Hannah Pollan, Elkhorn (12), 13/B/16

Class B Boys

Zekariya Abdela, South Sioux City (12), 3/B/17, 15/B/16
Gavin Skorupa, Lincoln Pius X (11), 13/A/17
Alexis Hernandez, Lexington (11), 4/B/17
Ryan Zavadil, Omaha Skutt Catholic (10), 6/B/17
Logan Moravec, Gering (12), 8/B/17
Blake Manternach, Omaha Skutt Catholic (11), 13/B/17

Class C Girls

Taya Skelton, Fort Calhoun (12), 1/C/17, 1/C/16, 1/C/15
Lucia McKeag, Ogallala (12), 4/C/17, 9/C/16, 4/C/15
Avery McKennan, Fort Calhoun (12), 5/C/17, 7/C/16
Ashley Kroese, Milford (11), 10/C/17, 2/C/16
Ellie Wilkinson, Syracuse (10), 2/C/17
Samantha Weeder, Boone Central/Newman Grove (10), 3/C/17
Jordan Soto-Stopak, Boone Central/Newman Grove (10), 6/C/17
Regan Hodsden, Mitchell (11), 9/C/17
Jirsie Klein, Holdrege (11), 13/C/17
Kelsey Faust, Columbus Scotus (12), 14/C/17
Kenzie Hurlbert, Holdrege (11), 3/C/16
Brea Lassek, Columbus Scotus (11), 6/C/16

Class C Boys

Aidan Wheelock, Minden (12), 1/C/17, 1/C/16, 14/C/15
Tyler Peterson, Holdrege (12), 4/C/17, 8/C/16
Collin Brauer, Sidney (12), 11/B/17
Jonathan Lindgren, Boone Central/Newman Grove (10), 5/C/17
Mason Sindelar, Pierce (10), 6/C/17
Braden Kobza, Falls City (12), 8/C/17
Noah Kubat, Arlington (11), 9/C/17
Colton Rowse, Ord (11), 11/D/17
Elliott Thomazin, Columbus Scotus (12), 11/C/16
Grant Crockett, Wahoo (11), 12/C/16

Class D Girls

Rylee Rice, Ainsworth (11), 1/D/17, 1/D/16
Sable Lambley, Dundy County Stratton (11), 3/D/17, 10/D/16
Katie Roach, Doniphan-Trumbull (11), 4/D/17, 6/D/16
Amanda Aerts, East Butler (11), 10/D/17, 7/D/16
Ashlei McDonald, Johnson County Central (10), 8/D/17
Madison Gerken, McCool Junction (11), 9/D/17
Andie Koch, Tri County (10), 11/D/17
Alison Stineman, Lutheran High Northeast (11), 12/D/17
Carlie Wetzel, West Holt (12), 14/D/17
Karissa Benavides, Bridgeport (12), 15/D/17
Bree Eisenhauer, Bloomfield (11), 13/D/16
Alexandria Frasher, Aquinas Catholic (12), 15/D/16
Bailey Patterson, Stanton (12), 10/D/15
Morgan Burke, Sutherland (12), 15/D/15

Class D Boys

Benjamin Arens, Ainsworth (12), 2/D/17, 4/D/16
Devyn Beekman, Malcolm (12), 5/D/17, 10/D/16
Nathan Holcomb, Gibbon (11), 4/D/17
Caden Waitley, Perkins County (12), 9/D/17
Tanner Arens, Crofton (12), 10/D/17
Rylan Cheney, Shelton (11), 14/D/17
Dillon Beach, Malcolm (10), 15/D/17
Brentyn Wetovick, Fullerton (12), 13/D/16

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